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Women's Event Speaker



“ A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her…”

“A recent Study has found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than the men who mention it…”
Somebody’s ex-wife

Women's Event Speaker

Women’s Event Speaker, Diana Jordan is an author, entrepreneur, and advocate for women’s health and Business Achievement. The combination of these passions along with her experience as an Internationally Certified Laughter Leader and University training in psychology, Diana Jordan is the perfect choice as your next women’s event speaker!

Nominated by The American Comedy Awards as one of the Top 5 Female Comedians in the Country.

Oprah calls Diana “One of the ‘Funniest People on the Planet!”

As a women’s event speaker, Female, Fearless & Fabulous! is a great alternative to a boring Speaker. It is heralded across the country as a rib-tickling, Kleenex dabbing and thought-provoking Presentation. Diana’s hilarious stand-up comedy also delivers important messages such as ‘finding the funny’ in life, work and taking responsibility for one’s own health: “Early detection equals prevention.”

You will be fully engaged in her stories including the breakup with her then boyfriend, Robin Williams and what she learned from him, to her hilarious “Oops” moments when she appeared in the Oscar-winning movie Jerry Maguire with Tom Cruise, and her almost “Oopsrah” moment with Oprah!

Diana gives her unique perspective on the world of women, the changing world, workplace stress, relationship stress, social media, the political climate, dealing with getting older, stress in the family, dogs vs cats, the world of dating, marriage and relationships, menopause and the struggles of living in this new millennium with Millennials and what in the heck is The Cloud and why won’t it let my stuff go!


Women still live in a time where we all question, “Why is it still that so many things that are painful to a woman begin with the male gender? Men-o-pause, Men-struation, His-terectomy, Guy-necology, Men- tal illness, Him-rroids…”

One of America’s most popular Women’s event speakers, Diana Jordan is guaranteed to make your women’s events or meeting an enormous success and you a hero for hiring her!

Women's Event Speaker Objectives:

  • Secrets to being fearless in life and business.
  • The health benefits of laughing and making the choice to “light-up!” and incorporate humor in your life and work
  • How to find your funny by using a “Gigglebox” and how to make one. (a Dr. Oz favorite)!
  • How to use laughter therapy as exercise and lose weight.
  • Laughing bonds people and creates a more productive workplace.