Dynamic Motivational Nurse Speaker with a Twist of Humor - CEU CREDIT


Nurse Speaker for HFMN, NANN, AANN & AST
Enthusiastically Dr. Oz says: “Hire Diana! Her Presentation was wonderful, fun and demonstrates that laughter is indeed the best medicine! And I LOVE her stress-busting ”Giggle Box!”

If you want to bring something different to your next meeting or event you need the fun, informative, inspirational and humorous Diana Jordan! Ask any nurse if she feels OVERWORKED- UNDER APPRECIATED & STRESSED the answer would be a resounding “Yes!” As a breast cancer survivor and now nurse speaker Diana knows the importance of not only inspiring them but giving encouragement for them to take care of themselves as well. “Put your oxygen mask on first, then take care of others!” In and out of the hospital, Diana spent quite a bit of time around nurses. She was so happy to experience all the wonderful nurturing and sometimes even received some giggles at her jokes! “In life you have to role with the punches & the Punchlines!” Diana also demonstrates in her Presentation the many health benefits of laughter and even a simple smile. Humor can be used to cope with stress, defuse potentially difficult situations and increase morale and productivity in the workplace.

Diana describes her mission as a Nurse Speaker: “To heal the world one laugh at a time.”

“As a health and wellness Speaker I focus on the healing power of love and laughter. I have also been featured as a writer in many magazines including Redbook and Readers Digest. I demonstrate that our attitude equally impacts our health and ability to put things in perspective. I feel compelled to bring Nurses of all kinds an informative and very funny Presentation- here’s where my twenty-five years as a top female comedian comes in. “


“The way Diana intertwined her message of healing through laughter and love through her personal experience with cancer and how we ‘have to find the funny’ in life to really thrive is fun, funny, and refreshing. She made us laugh and she made us proud of the job we do every day.”
Bridget Saunders, RN – St. John’s Hospital

“Diana Jordan was awesome! Who knew a National Neonatal Conference could be so much fun! Diana was a great close to a great Conference!”
Janice Abbsa, RN – New Orleans, LA

“On behalf of Long Island Health Network, a resounding THANK YOU for making ‘Energizing the spirit of the Health Care Professional’ such a success! To energize is to rejuvenate, and everyone was inspired with a new self perspective, which will hopefully resonate through out our Network.”
Kathleen Masiulus, Long Island Health Network

Nurse Speaker Objectives:

  1. Diana demonstrates that our attitude equally impacts our health and ability to put things in perspective.
  2. Diana speaks on how to use humor to defuse a potentially bad situation, how laughter brings people together and improves interpersonal relationships and work performance. As a Certified Laughter Therapist, Diana has found that laughter bonds people and increases cooperation in all settings – home or work.
  3. Diana has taken her personal experience with breast cancer, matched it with her comedic skills and experience of over 20 years to bring an exciting and uplifting program to nurses.