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How YOU can be fearless in today’s workplace.


Leadership & Laughter

Diana makes the point that you can’t be fearless in business unless you are fearless in your life. A cancer survivor, she knows about fearlessness and courage. With incredibly hilarious and poignant personal stories,

Whether it’s her Keynote or workshop will energize your group to take chances, set personal goals a little higher, and find that having and working your ‘Common-Sense of Humor’ will help you deal with the setbacks and successes in life.

Diana had a great teacher in how to be fearless, Robin Williams. Almost thirty years ago she studied in a private comedy improv class that he also attended. They also dated. Watching Robin go up on stage with a 15- second warning and see him slither up there like a snake if he had to (to get a laugh) he wouldn’t hesitate. That was his goal. He was fearless. His lack of fear and sense of humor about life made him one of America’s most valued actor/comedians. Diana inspires people to take charge of their career and life in this Keynote speech which can also be a workshop.

(Leadership & Laughter, Some specific objectives)

  • Demonstrate how laughter brings people together and improves interpersonal relationships
  • Teaches how to use humor to diffuse potentially bad situations.
  • Explains how humor bonds people, increases work performance and reduces absentee
  • Understand how to use humor to increase creativity in the workplace.
  • Empower your audience to use laughter to cope with stress and change.
  • Audience participation exercises and using laughter therapy exercises.

Emphasis on what it takes to be a leader - Leadership & Laughter

Optimism, Passion, A desire to succeed, Thinking out of the box, Willing to go that extra mile, Don’t take yourself too seriously, Be prepared to give up perfection and also prepared to laugh at your mistakes.

Diana’s acting and singing are an added bonus to the messages she brings. Audiences get a well-rounded Presentation. Everyone leaves feeling energized, informed and committed to strive to become better. When you engage in the process of improving yourself, seeing things from a different perspective and engage more positively with your team, you will start to exceed your previous performance.