Cancer Survivor Speaker


Not your usual cookie cutter type Cancer Survivor Speaker, Diana Jordan has everyone in stitches sharing her journey and messages.

In her Presentation, a seven-year grateful Survivor, Diana shares her thoughts and personal stories that helped her overcome adversity as no one else can. Thoughts and twists and turns on her journey are real and framed in a comical scenario as only the award-winning stand-up veteran can do.

Diana’s surgery was performed by Dr. Christi Funk and Dr. Jay Orringer of Los Angeles at St. Johns Hospital. The same two surgeons who performed Angelina Jolie’s preventative mastectomy. Diana chortles, “They were my Doctors first! Now I have this strange desire to adopt children from a third world country!”

Adding insult to her already injury, within the first six months following the mastectomy Diana was using a heating pad on her tummy and fell asleep. The breast, of course, had no feeling and a corner the high heat from the heating pad burned a hole in the reconstruction almost to the implant. Doctors were not able to save to breast. Diana called on her inner strength and ability to overcome adversity to pull her through six more operations.

Using her undeniable wit when Diana’s plastic surgeon asked her if she would like him to make her breast larger her answer was, ‘When I fly, I want to be the flotation device!”

Diana is a favorite Breast Cancer and Cancer Survivor Speaker.

Laugh through some of her “Oops” moments including acting in the hit movie “Jerry Maguire” with Tom Cruise, an “Oopsrah” moment on the Oprah Winfrey show, and what it was like to date Robin Williams.

Diana leaves audiences with laughter and a more positive way to deal with this difficult situation.


  • Educate on how to use laughter and humor to cope with stress and change.
  • The many health benefits of laughter (massages the heart, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, better attitude, releases endorphins and people who laugh have a quicker recovery.
  • How to find your funny by making and using your own ‘Gigglebox!” (a Dr. Oz favorite!)
  • Getting used to your ‘New Norma